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The English Shop
Our family originally came from England and since 1931 had been selling groceries of all descriptions in S.W. London; 
there were two stores In London, 
the first was located in Gleneagle Road Streatham and the second Mitcham Lane also in Streatham, 

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Since 2012 we started in Netherlands delivering English products via our web-shop.
The English Shop has grown to a known and trusted supplier throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany,
Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, South Africa, Dubai and even the Philippines.

We can deliver everything what’s available in a British supermarket or Wholesaler throughout th UK, if it’s just 1 article or a pallet for us everything is possible.
If you are searching for a House brand of a British Supermarket, we can do our best to meet all your needs.

For the orchestra from André Rieu we have had the honor to Supply
University of Maastricht and even many Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants and even Nato Bases in The Netherlands, Germany and Beigium.

There are many acquaintances where we deliver our services too.

The English Shop is "the English shop" of The Netherlands.

We offer the best value and the largest selection for all your favorite British (English) products.
We supply only products with a maximum Best Before date.

We deliver too your door.

If you can't find what you're looking for please ask

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Orders can be placed via the internet, by email or phone and if you wish,
your order can be picked up at our Shop in Heerlen.

We are located in The Netherlands in Heerlen (Limburg), 25 minutes from Maastricht;

it is also possible for us to arrange shipment to other European countries and beyond

You are welcome to visit our shop.

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